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Download PUBG NEW STATE Apk For Android

PUBG NEW STATE Apk offers beautiful graphics that you will be really impressed by the new things that come out. At the same time, players will be able to experience an entirely new map with future-proof devices. Also, do not ignore weapons with effective gear to help you survive this deadly battle.

New State gives you a future war context where states cease to exist and many wars take place. At the same time, despite being in 2051, players can still see modernity in many of the game's environmental elements. The houses have changed their appearance along with more impressive cars than the old version. Therefore, this will make players want to experience it.

The game has beautiful and impressive graphics with fictional elements that originated in this world. Simultaneously, although all abandoned, the new environment gives players a greater impression and love when the space is taken care of and new elements are added. You can see drones, effects that only appear in fantasy games.

Despite the breakthroughs mentioned above, we can't help but forget that one thing everyone cares about is the game's open world. It has a world and a large space where you can do whatever you love. That's why sometimes you have to drive to move fast in it. You can also interact with the surrounding elements and get the necessary things.


PUBG NEW STATE , besides impressive improvements, the game has the same gameplay as the previous version and is a brave war game. Players will participate in a 100-player match and be pulled down on a small terrain map. For the first experience, learning to experience all of the terrain above is not easy. They will also be directed to a specific area without going for a ride, as in an RPG game.

One of the features of PUGB that we cannot ignore is Bluezone. After a few minutes of landing on the map, Bluezone starts showing signs for players to get there, which is a must for everyone. It's a big plan, but with only 100 people, the matches are smaller and sometimes the match can take longer. So it makes sense to create a space where everyone can enter.

Depending on the number of players remaining, Bluezone will narrow its scope and continue to shrink after a while. This will require you to both find the necessary weapons and equipment and keep moving. In this process, you will probably meet other players and try to defeat them with your weapon. At the same time, you will be Lone Survivor and the winner of the game after defeating 99 other players.

PUBG: NEW STATE brings you a new environment and new experiences with beautiful cars that you cannot ignore. However, what you should pay attention to is the weapons and equipment that the game brings with it. Exactly at the beginning of the game, you will land on a new terrain and try to find the necessary items such as the necessary blood, armor, helmets and weapons. Gradually, as you play, you will find more useful things from different environments and defeated opponents. Come on, what do you think? Download PUBG NEW STATE Apk from our site   and  share your experience with this  game in the comments section.

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