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Its a pro vesrion of popular game. Contains starter items pack, without ads and always stable!

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Survivor Adventure Survival Island Pro Apk is an adventure  game offered by ReelToReal Games We have to find a way to survive in a wild world on a desert island. The game will also have quests such as crafting items, crafting tools, building shelters or hunting animals; all the interesting things will come together again here. Let's find many surprises in this interesting game.

Survivor Adventure Survival Island has become a game that young people enjoy with its easy-to-use interface as well as its constantly developed useful features. The first feature of the game is hunting: on deserted islands inhabited by dangerous and scary animals, all players will become hunters and try to hunt animals. Do not let the animal hunt you and it is very dangerous. Not only are they hunted, but there are also domesticated wild animals in the life of this island, along with elephants, crocodiles or other wild animals in the game.

Survivor Adventure Survival Island Pro Apk Cheat

Every animal in Survivor Adventure Survival Island Pro game has a different personality and temperament, so the player cannot tame it easily. The variety of food on this island will keep players from starving. Crafting tools, weapons like axes, hoes, spears will help players survive on the island. Build your buildings - your own shelter on the island. Building a house on an island surrounded by the sea is no easy task. Not only that, but discover new places, craft vehicles and gather resources to build. There is something quite interesting, in this game players can make chests to travel with animals. Build a raft, boat, boat… and go anywhere.

Survivor Adventure Survival Island is a game that attracts a lot of attention by most players who love adventure games. Any type of game also needs technical knowledge and strategy to win in the end; this game is no exception. In order to survive on this island as long as possible, the experimenter must find and collect resources in the jungle and craft tools and weapons, starting with using logs in the jungle.

Making crafts like axes, hoes, spears or using all the useful resources you see. starvation; Survive: gather all available resources to feed yourself. Build your own shelter to protect yourself from scary and dangerous monsters. You also need to set up a farm and grow the food you want. Every hunt is dangerous so players need armor and weapons to survive. Finally, unite with other survivors. Come on, what do you think? Download Survivor Adventure Survival Island Pro from our site   and share your experience with this game in the comments section.

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  • Hunting: Dangerous animals live on the island. Try to hunt animals or the animals will hunt you. This is very dangerous. Are you the hunter or the victim? The royal war begins.
  • Taming animals: Survival on this island includes not only hunting, but also domestication of wild animals. There are elephants, lions and other wild animals. Each animal has a distinct personality, temperament and individual character. Taming animals will not be easy. Be brave!
  • Craft: Extract the resources and craft weapons you need to survive. Craft weapons: axe, pickaxe, spear, even ship etc! The variety of food ensures that you do not starve. Crafting will help you survive on the island. The best survival and craft is here!
  • Building: Build your own shelter on the island. Discover new places, create vehicles, collect resources to build. Building a house on an island in the ocean is no easy task! Do this now!
  • Explore mysterious caves: These places are full of mysteries and secrets. Explore the wilderness and mysterious caves. Be careful! This place is so dangerous!
  • Travel: Build your own ship to travel with animals. Build a raft, boat or ship and go on a journey. There are many islands to choose from. Travel, discover new places, discover new adventure islands. But don't sail too far from home.
  • Day-night cycle: Don't forget to light a primitive fire for the night. The night portends a lot of danger, the chaschniki groan aggressively. Survive in the long darkness.
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  • Survivor Adventure Survival Island Pro Apk

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