FiLMiC Pro: Professional HD Manual Video Camera

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Download FiLMiC Pro Apk Full Unlocked Mod 6.16.2

Download FiLMiC Pro Apk Full Unlocked Mod 6.16.2 - You Can Download FiLMiC Pro Apk Application With Premium Features From Our Site For Free.

Download FiLMiC Pro Apk Full Unlocked Mod

FiLMiC Pro Apk , FiLMiC Inc. It is a photography application offered by It has been downloaded more than a million times in the Play Store. If you are looking for an app to use the camera to its fullest, FiLMiC Pro is the best app that lets you control everything manually.

FiLMiC Pro is a video recording app and this is the pro version of FiLMiC with all premium features unlocked. However, you can manually set values ​​for each feature such as zoom, focus, ISO, shutter, white balance, resolution, aspect ratio, and frame rate. It also provides settings for sound. It includes 8 aspect ratio options and resolutions up to 4K. You can see all the tuning effects in real time. 

FiLMiC Pro Apk Full 2021

FiLMiC Pro has an easy-to-use interface. The screen has two reticles, a circle and a rectangular reticle, and a slider on the right. You can drag the slider up and down to zoom in or out. The circle reticle is for adjusting exposure and the rectangular reticle is for focus and zoom. When you touch these reticles, their color changes to red. Red indicates these features are set in manual mode. Hold the circle reticle. Then an arc will appear on the left side. You can swipe to manually adjust ISO and Shutter. And hold the other sight to create the focus and zoom arc. You can manually change the camera focus. 

It comes with four live analysis tools: Zebra Stripes, Clipping, False Color, and Focus Peak. With zebra stripes, you can see overexposure and underexposure areas. Overexposure areas are indicated by red lines and underexposure areas are indicated by blue lines. You can use these lines to adjust the exposure. False color is an advanced tool that shows over/under exposure, including normal. When the video is all green, there is no under/overexposure. With the Focus Peak tool you can see where the camera is focusing. Shows light blue in the focused area and green in the focused objects. 

It offers options to adjust the FPS up to 240. Whether you use them or not depends on your device. You can adjust the FPS Capture and Playback FPS. When you set these values ​​the same, your video will play at normal speed. You can change the values ​​to change the playback speed. When the Capture FPS is more than the Playback FPS, the video will be played in slow motion. Adjust the playback FPS more than FPS Capture to create a fast motion video.

You can create time-lapse videos with the app. It has the option to save the video on a frame-per-second basis. You can record hours of video with it and then create a clip for a few minutes. Come on, what do you think? Download FiLMiC Pro Apk Full from our site   and share your experience with this application in the comments section.

Features of FiLMiC Pro Unlocked Apk MOD

FiLMiC Pro Apk has some modified features. Check below.

  • Premium
  • FiLMiC Pro Full
  • Unlocked Mode All Features Unlocked
  • Bugs and Crashes Fixed
  • App Improvements

As you know in the official version, there are many features that are not available for free. That's why  FiLMiC Pro Apk , thanks to the app   will be Premium .

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